Nothing is Set in Stone

Today, more than ever, the consumer is at the center of any company strategy and understanding consumer behavior becomes the catalyst for our choices; listening to consumer needs day to day and reacting to them in real time is our mission to guarantee the success of our clients’ business.

We partner with our clients, utilizing the best technology, but above all with our experience and our intelligence in data decoding. The technology is essential, so we can listen to the consumers and to measure their response through the analysis of KPIs. But the real value is the ability to recognize the relevant information and discard what will not result in better decisions, faster. This is our core business and is what OMD does best.

Understanding the path to purchase is key and we are faced with completely different behavior due to the exponential increase of touchpoints. Today, each step plays a crucial role and can be an entry or an exit point because new influencing and deviating factors can intervene in the path like never before.

The funnel is dead, to understand what really moves an act of purchase and to be effective in intercepting the right moment it is necessary to track, listen, understand, search, cluster and then deliver one to one messages to the right people, at the right time and through the right media. There are no shortcuts, we need to make better decisions, faster because nothing is set in stone;  the concept of agile commerce reflects a time where everything changes continuously.

So let’s finish where we started: the consumer is the end user, but also the only source that we are interested in to define effective strategies. Consumers’ needs are at the center, not the brands’ desire to celebrate themselves. The transition is crucial and only those who activate this listening model in a structured way, review the strategic thoughts and restructure their own organizations following this approach will be able to win the challenge.