Bringing Cannes Lions to London: Unlocking the Potential of AI

For a week, our London Kings Cross office has been transformed to include our very own canal side Croisette. There is a livestream from the Palais in Cannes, activations to try, partner demos and panels – all celebrating creativity and innovation. Artificial intelligent technologies are a big part of what’s driving creativity and innovation. However, it is important to view the technology as an enabler, looking at the new experiences and augmentation opportunities. The application of people and machines ensures better reach and a deeper connection with consumers. At OMD, this is Artful Intelligence.

Exhibition: Exploring current AI activations

With the fast adoption of chatbots and smart speakers, more brands are adopting AI as a new channel to communicate with people. We are still in the early days of exploring and understanding how and where these AI services are accepted in people’s lives. To raise awareness around the different ways brands are currently adopting AI, an interactive display has been installed in our Croisette.

On display are recently launched chatbot and voice applications including Channel 4’s ‘Human Test’, Smashbox’s Facebook Messenger chatbot and Virgin Train’s new Alexa skill. Each activation looks at a different use case from being purely entertaining to driving discovery or simplifying transactions – providing inspiration around how these new channels can be integrated into an existing business strategy and drive additional value for both the brand and their customers. In the future brands will no longer be what they do, but who they are through the use of technology.

Inspiration: AWS and Inawisdom demo new AI capabilities

Both AI technologies and their applications are evolving at a rapid rate, making it crucial to be on the pulse of new developments from both established players and start-ups a like. Front runners will have the benefit of superior customer insight, as increased consumption creates a virtuous cycle of more data touchpoints and meaningful personalisation. To inspire us around AI possibilities, AWS and Inawisdom delved into new image recognition and machine learning applications.

The evolving power of responsive technology will not reduce options, but it will increase personalisation potential. Taking us through different demos, they talked about how these types of technologies could be applied throughout the consumer journey. Real-time image recognition and machine learning guidance​ can detect human signals and provides live behavioural guidance on how to tailor and personalise interactions. ​

Discussion: The relationship between people and machines

(Panelists from left to right: Bill Dorris, Insight Executive Director, OMD EMEA; Robin Meehan, CTO, Inawisdom; Caroline Clancy, Head of Technology Innovation, Manning Gottlieb OMD)

People are not only learning how to use these new devices, but they are also incorporating them into their daily lives and routines. As a result, we are seeing new consumer expectations and behaviours emerge. To discuss the relationship between people and machines, we hosted a panel unearthing expert opinions on what people are ready for, how we can do more to plan in a consumer-first way and how AI will impact people’s roles going forward.

We are now at the stage where people are open to and consciously using AI technologies. However, with the vast amount of negative press, forecasting a future with AI can be a little scary. The panellists, on the other hand, painted a more positive outlook with current changes that are being implemented, such as technology leaders implementing formal AI ethical processes, increased data control and universities providing dedicated AI degrees. The resonating theme throughout the panel was AI augmentation. Right now, that means ensuring that users have control and transparency over the experience, as well as enabling value and building in how they enhance human interactions.

The potential for disruption by AI technologies in both the short and long term is clear. Yet, like other new technologies before it (internet, mobile phones, apps, etc.), the winning solutions have still to be discovered. Now is the opportune time for brands to test and learn about different AI capabilities, getting a glimpse into the future of their sector and understanding what does and doesn’t work.

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